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A lifespan ultrashort



Journalist, Author, Editor and Publisher


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Born on August 15th. 1936 in Jutland – Denmark.

Went to sea 1951 as a messboy in the Danish merchant navy and jumped  ship in
New York City.


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15 years and messboy in the merchant navy.  19 years and able bodied seaman (in the middle).



Sailed out from NY on all the great oceans and continents, except for "down under",

as an able bodied seaman, up to 1957 when he went back to Denmark and attended

radio operator training. 


From 1958 radio officer in Norwegian and Swedish vessels on the deep seas.

National duty 1960-61. 

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National duty in the Danish army.         Sentry at the army camp in Aarhus.



From 1961-63 manager of the civilian telegraph station on the American Sondrestrom

Airbase in Greenland. 

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"Sparks" at Sondrestrom Airbase, Greenland.



1963-70: Various jobs in Greenland as a hunter, fisherman, contractor and running

the local press. 

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En route with DAF C130 to Greenland.             With the fisheries inspectors in Greenland.



1970: Journalist-apprentice at a newspaper in Funen Denmark and school of journalism

in Aarhus. 


1973-1994: Journalist/reporter in the Danish magazine-press.

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Reporter in Northern Ireland.                                If I had a million!


1990: Established his own publishing house. 


1994 – and forward: Editor of boating magazines. 

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Still going strong


Author or co-author of 17 books on various subjects (see their Danish titles under

"Forfatterskab" on the homepage).


Editor of "FV-Bladet" - membership magazine for the veterans of the resistance

movement against  the German occupation of Denmark 1940-45. Also editor of

"Tursejleren" - membership magazine for The Danish Cruising Organisation.

February 2004:
Caught ill with meningitis. The doctors considered it at miracle he survived.

Double cochlear implant-operation. After rehabilitation he resumed work with journalism,

publishing and public relations.


2005 and onward - still going strong!

Right hip replaced with an artificial. Still going strong.

Research on two new book-projects is almost over.
One will be published 2013 and the other one will bepublished early next year.